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What we are all about at Lakewood Rehab Center

Lakewood Addiction Rehab Center aims to not just help patients get sober but to help them stay sober for life. With our combination of comprehensive support, coping strategies and individual and group therapy, our facility are confident no addict is beyond sobriety and a more fulfilling life. Emotional, physical and mental strength, as well as inner peace, is waiting for every person struggling to become sober.

Facing Your Fears Finally in Treatment

Addicts put off facing their fears for a long time, and for good reason: recovery from drugs and alcohol requires a complete lifestyle change, not to mention the admission of drug dependence, which many users equate with admitting weakness or failure. But in fact, it takes courage to decide upon rehabilitation. Unearthing secrets and fears aren’t easy for anyone, so you are not alone. That’s why we regard sobriety as a process, not an event.

Lakewood Addiction Rehab Center knows that just because you decided upon rehab, that doesn’t mean you have already faced your fears. You are still very frightened of the prospect of rehab in fact, and we know that takes real courage. Following detoxification, we work to increase your self-esteem, confidence, and hope for recovery. Eventually, an addict will accept help and understand the ability to conquer addiction has in fact been inside them all along. This realization results in the development of coping skills and long lasting sobriety.

Addiction and Shame: Break the Cycle Now

Shame and addiction feed off one another. Instead of facing addiction through rehab, users continue to use and feel ashamed because of it. The more they use, the more it affects their lives; consequently, the more their lives are touched by addiction the more that is lost. This process continues until rock bottom has been reached. However escaping the addiction-shame cycle is always a challenge. Drugs provide immediate escape, so when coupled with denial and substance dependence, the reasons to avoid reaching out are numerous to an addict.

At Lakewood Addiction Rehab Center we believe no addict is beyond the reach of the benefits of recovery. With our support, your chances for long-lasting success are high. Please see the steps of recovery below.

  • Identify your shame: After you learn to recognize your shame, you can stop berating yourself for it and instead learn to see things more openly — not just yourself, but other people as well.
  • See your addiction in perspective: You are made up of many facets, and addiction is simply one of them. As an addict, it’s easy to feel labeled and reduced to only your addiction, but it’s important to understand you are not defined by it.
  • Understand your flaws are part of you: Other facets of yourself are your flaws. Again this simply makes up one part of you, but it is part of you. Accepting that you aren’t perfect is simply the understanding that you are human.
  • You may feel lonely, but are not alone: Addiction certainly can make a person feel isolated, but other addicts and support resources like our medical professionals are waiting to help you today. You don’t have to face sobriety alone.
  • Learn to forgive yourself: Forgiveness is the first step towards accepting your addiction as part of you. When you can see yourself as flawed but valuable nonetheless, because contradiction is the beauty of human diversity, sobriety is so more likely to be long lasting.

Feel Confident About Your Recovery

Recovery requires a leap of faith, but the benefits are available to any addict. Please call Lakewood Drug Treatment today at (732) 529-2096. You’re probably lacking motivation and willpower to attend rehab — we’ll restore it, empowering you to complete recovery and live a fulfilled life of long lasting recovery. Feeling worthless during addiction is incredibly hard, but you don’t have to give up and give into those feelings. Please contact us today.

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