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The Truth About Rehabilitation

Deciding to enter rehabilitation is very difficult because an addict is fully aware of the challenges facing their decision. However, without the realization that help is needed, even if you aren’t quite ready to accept it, is essential to becoming and staying sober. Misconceptions surrounding addiction, unfortunately, serve to distort what rehabilitation is really like. Please read the common false statements about rehab below in order to educate yourself or a loved one more fully about rehab.

False Statements About Rehab

  • All rehab is exactly alike – Some facilities work better when they offer only certain parts of rehabilitation. Our program is different, we seek to customize rehab strategies for each patient at Lakewood Alcohol Recovery Center.
  • Addiction is conquered permanently in rehab – Rehab is the first step towards recovery, but each addict has to maintain sobriety throughout their lives through therapy.
  • Rehab is no better than prison – Even when rehab is court-ordered, it is not like prison. The boundaries aren’t nearly as rigid.
  • Rehab won’t, in fact, work for you – Rehab can work for any addict; at our facility, we treat the entire patient. All those who enter rehab leave with coping skills necessary to stay sober.
  • Rehab has no community – It can feel very isolating as an addict, which is why we provide an environment of social openness — group and peer therapy for support.
  • You’re a failure to ask for assistance – Asking for help is the first courageous thing an addict can do. Once they achieve and maintain sobriety, they are that much braver. No recovering addict is a failure.
  • Religion is promoted in rehab treatment – Rehab incorporates spirituality but follows no particular religion or even the concept of God.
  • Rehab brainwashes addicts to get results – In fact, drugs are the actual component which brainwashes addicts. Rehab simply attempts to reverse the damage done.
  • Forced rehab does not work – Most addicts benefit from the recovery, even those ordered into rehab.

Understand Rehab to Get Needed Help

Lakewood Alcohol and Drug Recovery fully comprehends how rehabilitation can appear to addicts. Misconceptions abound and shape the perception of getting help. Please call us today at (732) 529-2096 to resolve any concerns you may have about addiction. The more informed you are, the better position you are in to face the prospect of recovery today.

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