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Heroin addiction is a very serious problem in the United States. Many people who develop a heroin addiction live in a state of denial for quite some time before ever seeking treatment. As such, heroin addiction can have a major toll on the mind and body. If you think that you may have a heroin addiction, there are treatments available. Call Drug Rehab Centers-Lakewood at (732) 529-2096, and get started on the road to recovery.

Heroin is an extremely addictive illicit drug. It is considered to be a part of the narcotic drug category. Also known as an opiate or opioid drug, it is derived from the legal medication, morphine. Morphine, in turn, is a natural substance found inside of the seedpods of poppy plants.

This drug is available on the streets in many forms. Perhaps the most common form of this opiate is a brown or black sticky residue substance that is solid in nature. It is often known as tar heroin due to the sticky residue and tar-like appearance. It can also be in the form of a brown and black powder, and in its purest form, it appears as a white powder.  The differences in color and consistency have to do with the impurities in the chemical processing used to create the drug.

Heroin is most frequently used through injection directly into a person’s vein. This intravenous injection is why so many people with addictions have needle marks (also known as track marks) all over their bodies).  The drug may also be consumed by smoking it or by snorting it when it is in purer forms.

Drug Abuse Rates

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in 2011, 4.2 million people in the United States had used heroin at least once, and of those people, around 23 percent, were considered to be dependent on it. The use and abuse of this narcotic have been steadily on the rise.

It has become so popular due in large part to the sudden flood of much less expensive heroin on the illegal drug market. This made the dangerous substance available to many people who once could not afford it.


Heroin is so addictive because of the effect that it has on the body and brain. When it enters the bloodstream, it binds to what are known as opioid receptors in the nervous system throughout the body and brain. This blocks the body’s ability to feel pain and triggers the brain’s reward centers. This has a very powerful effect on the brain and body. Pretty soon, the brain and nervous system will not be able to activate the reward centers or block out pain properly without the drug, thus creating dependence.

Health Effects

Signs of Abuse

. Suddenly falling asleep

. Constricted pupils

. Drastically slowed breathing

. Limbs appear and feel heavy

. Disorientation and confusion

. Low heart rate

. Lethargy

Health Effects of Abuse

. Heart failure

. Skin infections

. Sudden death

. Sepsis

. Seizures

. Endocarditis (bacterial heart infection)

. Infections in injection sites

Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction treatment should always begin with medical detox. Medical detox involves getting the addicted substance out of the person’s system under the supervision and treatment of medical doctors. In medical detox, the recovering addict detoxes slowly and gradually which helps to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms and avoids shocking the body. A doctor can use prescription medications at certain points in the process to ease discomfort and help the body and brain readjust to being without the drug.

In addition to detox, a person will undergo treatments including individual and group therapy as well as the possibilities of art therapy, music therapy, restorative yoga, and other treatment options as needed. These are designed to help develop an understanding of the reasons behind substance abuse and ways to prevent relapse.

Lakewood Drug Rehab has the treatment programs you need to help you deal with and overcome your heroin addiction. Call us today at (732) 529-2096.

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