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When many people are prescribed a medication, they never imagine that they could form an addiction to it. However, Percocet addiction is one of many potential prescription drug addictions that can occur. Many people who have a Percocet addiction go without treatment for far too long due to lack of understanding or a lack of realization that they have a problem.

Percocet is prescription pain medication. This prescription drug is actually the combination of two different medications: acetaminophen and oxycodone. Acetaminophen is an over-the-counter pain reliever most commonly found in Tylenol. Oxycodone is a powerful prescription narcotic painkiller.

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Why Is It Addictive?

This medication is most often prescribed to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. This can be acute pain following a trauma or injury or can be a chronic pain as well. It is addictive due to the addictive nature of the painkiller oxycodone. This opiate is highly addictive and has several effects when it enters the body. The first is to block out pain by binding to pain receptors throughout the body and blocking them from receiving pain signals from the neurotransmitters that would normally attach them to let a person know they are in pain.

The second is that it stimulates the reward centers of the brain, making the person associate the consumption of the drug with pleasure or contentment. In some cases, a person may even feel euphoric. Additionally, the narcotic drug affects the brain stem profoundly, slowing down operations in the body such as breathing rate and heart rate.

Similar Drugs

Other narcotic or opiate drugs that have similar (if not more potent) effects compared to Percocet include:

. Codeine

. Morphine

. Vicodin

. OxyContin

. Demerol

. Dilaudid

Symptoms of Addiction

As an addiction forms to Percocet, a person will begin to feel and show certain symptoms that indicate they are, in fact, addicted. These include:

. Dry mouth

. Loss of appetite

. Depression

. Withdrawals when not under the drug’s influence

. Constricted pupils

. Agitation

. Obsessive thoughts about drug

. Dizziness

. Nausea/vomiting

. Low breathing rate

. Trying to get multiple prescriptions or forging prescriptions

. Stomach pain

. Nervousness

. Irritability

Health Effects

In addition to the common symptoms of Percocet abuse and addiction, there are also some serious health effects and consequences of abuse. These are:

. Seizures

. Kidney disease

. Impotence

. Extremely low blood pressure (hypotension)

. Coma

. Heart attack

. Bradycardia

. Severe liver damage

. Sudden death

Treatment for Addiction

When a person has developed an addiction to Percocet, the first treatment they should undergo is medical detox. Medical detox works by helping the recovering addict get the addicted drug out of their system under the supervision of doctors and nurses. This medical staff at Drug rehab Centers-Lakewood can help to treat any severe withdrawal symptoms that manifest and also to keep the recovering addict as comfortable as possible. They are also able to help make detox gradual and incremental through the use of prescription medications that are given at certain moments during detox.

Following this medical detox, a person will still need to address their mental addiction to Percocet. This is accomplished through individual and group therapy designed to them realize why they began abusing the medication in the first place as well as to understand the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that contributed to addictive behaviors. This allows for the development of ways to cope that do not involve continued substance abuse or relapse. Treatment of the mental addiction can also include art therapy, music therapy, restorative yoga, and others to help build self-awareness and to serve as coping mechanisms in and of themselves.

If you have a Percocet addiction, treatment is available through Lakewood Drug Rehab. Call our specialists today at (732) 529-2096 to discuss your options.

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